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Fighting Racism Means Fighting the Word “Race”

Deblasio falimy

Bill DeBlasio’s recent mayoral campaign and subsequent victory in New York has reinvigorated the discussion surrounding what most major news outlets have chosen to call “interracial marriage.” However, no journalist seems to have a clear understanding or definition of “race” causing them to unwittingly engage in racist rhetoric and racist modes of analysis…(read entire post)

UPDATE: 10/31/2013 New Blog Post!

A Public Letter to Oprah Winfrey

writing-a-letterI am writing to you in regards to the interview you recently conducted with Diana Nyad. I realize that you have already received a great deal of feedback regarding this interview but I would like to throw in my two cents. I am an atheist. This means that I do not believe in any gods. I do not believe that there is a divine consciousness governing nature or responsible for creation. Such a thing simply does not make sense to me. This is all that is necessary for me to consider myself an atheist. However, atheists are often accused of lacking a moral center or a sense a wonder. Your candor in the interview with Ms. Nyad concerns me deeply… (read entire post)

UPDATE: 7/14/2012 New Blog Post!

The Black Market Strikes Back

On November 6th, 2012 the state of Washington will vote to approve or disapprove initiative 502. If I-502 passes, Washington State will be the first government in the world to pass a law legalizing the growth, sale, possession, and use of marijuana. Suffice it to say, I-502 is extremely popular. The initiative has received endorsements from judges, pastors, lawyers, former law enforcement professionals, the travel channel’s Rick Steves, and many others. However, I-502 has received criticism from some surprising places and some not so surprising places… (read entire post)

UPDATE: 6/12/2012 New Blog Post!

Why the World Needs a New Star Trek Series 

Neil deGrasse Tyson on the Daily ShowOn February 27th, 2012 Neil deGrasse Tyson appeared on the Daily Show. Dr. Tyson was on the show promoting his book Space Chronicles. The main premise of the book is that America no longer prioritizes space exploration and our society is suffering negative repercussions as a result. He argues that the main driver of space exploration/exploitation was due to a perceived Soviet threat… (read entire post)

UPDATE: 6/11/2012 New Blog Post!

Atheists In Their Midst

In July 2010 I had the opportunity to visit Utah. I was working for a company whose corporate office is located in Sandy, UT and I was flown out for a week of centralized training. On the trip I shared a hotel room with a colleague from Boston, Massachusetts who identified as an  Irish Catholic. One day, while exploring Salt Lake City, we and two other employees visited the Mormon Temple. As someone who studies religion I was extremely excited to have the chance to see the so-called “Mormon Mecca.” Apparently, my giddiness was more than visible to my other colleagues. When we had returned to the hotel my roommate asked me if I was a Mormon… (read entire post)

UPDATE: 3/13/12 New Blog Post!

The Great Redefining of “God”

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

A few years ago I was hanging-out with a friend of mine named Jeff, an ex-coworker with whom I first bonded over our shared love of the band Bad Religion. I had always considered him both enlightened and intelligent. However, on this occasion he said something which troubled me. When the conversation had turned to the existence of God Jeff said, “I like the way Einstein thought of it. What is darkness? Nothing, darkness is just the absence of light. What is cold? Nothing, cold is just the absence of warmth. What is evil but the absence of God?” This dialogue, attributed to Albert Einstein, probably never took place, in fact, it is the product of a religious chain letter… (read entire post)

UPDATE: 3/4/12 New Blog Post!

Atheists: Still Cool to Hate

When I was much younger I had a conversation with my mother about who does and who does not get into heaven. My mother is a Christian. She believes that after a person dies he or she can either go to a place called “hell” (where the Devil lives) or a place called “heaven” (Where God, the creator of the universe, lives). I am brushing over the many nuances of what is truly a fascinating belief system to get to my point. Central to my mother’s theology is that to get into heaven one must “accept Jesus.” So I asked my mother, “What about atheists who are good people and do charity work etc. Do they not get into heaven?” With a scoff, my mother told me that she doesn’t think atheists would do charity work… (read entire post)

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